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LiBero Equi-Librium™

LiBero Equi-Librium™

the versatile sport shoe with enhanced natural breakover!


Mustad LiBero Equi-Librium™ is the latest evolution of our Equi-Librium™ concept:

ultimate performance improvement, reduced limb loading and injuries prevention.



Mustad LiBero Equi-Librium™: 

the extreme versatility of LiBero is now combined with the scientifucally proven benefits of Equi-Librium, to provide more options to both the farrier and the horse.

Key features:

* Equi-Librium™ rolled toe and quarters for a smooth breakover where the horse needs it 

* Sole relief to minimize sole pressure

* Wide heels for more support

* Optimal nail holes positioning

* Long lasting durability on all terrains

* Front side clips positioned between 2nd and 3rd nail holes

* Great fit with all Mustad premium E-head nails, for example the Mustad Concave nail