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Hoof Grooming for Optimum Health

The Original RidersRasp™ features an ergonomic design that fits all hands, a soft grip with no slip sides to protect hands for the rasps, and rasps that are designed for rounding, not removing hoof wall.
The Original RidersRasp™ uses medium finish files which are great for rounding or beveling the hoof, maintaining hoof form without the risk of removing too much hoof. RidersRasp™ is an "emory board" for the hoof.  Safe for the rider, safe for the horse.
The rasps are 52 Rockwell hardness. The protective plate is stainless. The sides are non-slip. 3 years of testing. This tool is tough!!!

- Safe and Easy to Use
- Replaceable Medium Finish and Medium Coarse Rasps are Available
- Designed for Rounding, Not Removing Hoof Wall
- Ergonomic Design Fits All Hands
- Soft Grip, No Slip Sides Protect Hands from Rasp
- Innovative and Unique Tool Designed for the Horse Owner

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