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Mustad Continental

The Mustad Continental is a high performance shoe developed specially for European type sport horses.

Maximum flexibility

• wide variety of sizes and sections

• easier shoe adaptations

Key features

• front and hind have definite left and right shapes

• the outside branch is slightly longer

• the nail holes are punched a fraction coarser

• concave section in the inside edge on the ground surface

• the V-crease runs trough the toe

• full heels for landing support and stud holes

• two extra nail holes above size 2

• all edges are broken or boxed

Recommended nails

Mustad LiBero ARC(TM), Mustad Concave(TM), Mustad EXL(TM)


Traction and lightness are key design features of this shoe range, therefore this shoe suits horses that perform in varying terrains and also horses which are sensitive to overload but at the same time do need a durable shoe. All dimensions and section have been optimized for each shoe size giving an optimal shoe range.


Although the design of the Continental appears symmetrical, some anatomical adaptations are made resulting in a definite left and right shape. The outside branch is slightly longer, with the nail holes punched a fraction coarser for optimum fitting and nailing on.

The inside edge on the ground surface has a concave section in order to reduce weight and improve traction. This also assists in reducing the build up of mud around the shoe. The crease runs through the toe for even more traction and also lightens the shoe without compromising strength.
Both the concave section and the crease do not run through the heels in order to improve support during landing and to provide a perfect base for stud holes. Having full heels also gives the farrier the option of forging a variety of innovative alternatives in the heel area of the shoe.

Additional features

All shoe sizes above size 1 have five nail holes on each branch, allowing the farrier a better choice for nail placement. Broken edges and sole relief is a standard feature on all shoes. All dimensions and sections are adapted per shoe size to ensure an optimal shoe fit.

The V-crease and nail holes provide a perfect fit with the specified Mustad nails which reduce the risk of shoe loss.

*Please note, not all models are available in all regions.

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