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Intracare Hoof-fit Liquid & Gel by Mustad

It is often that urine and manure accumulate under the hoof of the horse. Combined with limited space for movement and a warm environment, (anaerobic) bacteria then can easily develop in the frog area of the hoof.

If a horse responds while cleaning out the hoof, this may be a sign that bacteria and / or fungi have affected the frog. An infection of the frog could prevent proper blood flow to the whole hoof, which may arise to serious problems f.e. regarding horn growth.


The Intracare Hoof-fit - Hoof Hygiene Liquid and Gel products, provide special care to  support horse owners to keep their horses in good condition and help improve  hoof quality. Both the Liquid and the Gel give (anaerobic) bacteria no chance to affect the frog and to develop any further.


Both products contain chelated minerals. This gives the organic minerals certain characteristics allowing them to penetrate the skin deeply. They are therefore not only positively affecting the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, but will also reach deeper layers of the skin. The chelated minerals work in combination with Aloe Vera and isopropanol. This combination ensures an optimum condition of the hooves.

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Intracare hoof-fit liquid by Mustad
Intracare Hoof-fit gel by Mustad