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Mustad HammerHead™ nail: the Racenail revolution!


We are proud to introduce a new Racenail that is like no other: the HammerHead™.
This revolutionary nail has an amazing, unique rectangular head to enhance durability of Aluminium shoes.

Unique HammerHead™ features include:

  • a specially designed, wide rectangular head for added durability along the full shoeing cycle
  • a distinct neck and head waffle design, combined with the exclusive Mustad Pitch™ technology, providing a safe locking solution into the shoe crease
  • a long and slim shank, to drive high when needed, provides an easy clinching
  • designed for the thoroughbred hoof: the sharp, exact point ensures a consistent drive, minimizing the hoof wall impact to an absolute minimum.

Models (3)

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HammerHead size 1, length 44 mm
HammerHead size 0, length 41 mm
HammerHead size 2, length 47 mm