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Download the new Mustad Farrier's Toolbox app for iPhone and iPad!


Download the new Mustad Farrier's Toolbox app for iPhone and iPad!

Try our smartphone app and make your life easier!

Mustad Farriers Toolbox is the iPhone and iPad app for the modern professional farrier.
Mustad Farriers Toolbox has been built with the collaboration of top professional farriers from the four corners of the world: you can count on its functions in your daily job to be more effective and find solutions at your fingertip.

With Mustad Farriers Toolbox you will be able to:
- calculate your revenues and profitability in a simple and quick way, faster than any complicated spreadsheet or expensive financial software
- convert sizes from centimeters to inches and vice versa, to help you when fitting shoes of a sizing system you're not familiar with
- select the right hoofcare product (horseshoes, nails, rasps and more) based upon the horse type and discipline and your shoeing style
- watch videos from the Mustad Web TV channel, featuring shoeing tutorials, product reviews, event reports and more
- organize your pictures in folders of your choice (e.g. customer name, horse name, topic etc) and present your shoeing jobs in a highly professional way

The Mustad Farrier’s Toolbox is constantly refreshed and enriched with new contents and functionalities: download it now for free and get ready for the next update!