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LiBero ARC: an extraordinary nail


LiBero ARC: an extraordinary nail

The new Mustad LIBERO ARC nail is the innovative nail for today’s hoofcare professionals.

Its newness both in terms of functionality and design embodies the "form follows function" motto at its full. The ARC head design, another innovation newly introduced in our nail range, sets Mustad further apart from competition.
Mustad ARC - a uniquely rounded crown on top of the head - allows for a controlled nail drive and an increased comfort for the horse. It also emphasizes the overall finishing quality of the shoeing performance
The Mustad Pitch technology, already successfully tested on our Concave nail, offers a small angle between nail head and shank of the nail, helping drive the nail at a correct angle i.e. parallel to the hoof wall. Mustad Pitch contributes therefore to reducing possible pressure on the hoof wall.
The rectangular head shape with V shaped neck prevents the nail from twisting and offers the necessary material for a perfectly tight fit.
The shank is smooth, tapered, slim, strong and at the same time flexible for perfect clenching to keep the hoof wall intact.
Mustad LiBero ARC nails offer an optimal fit - and therefore are highly recommended - in conjunction with the new Mustad LiBero horseshoes.