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Equi-Librium Aluminum: Balance In Motion


Equi-Librium Aluminum: Balance In Motion

Since its introduction, the Equi-Librium horseshoe has become the premier choice for top sport horses, and for anyone who wishes to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Now Mustad is proud to unveil the Equi-Librium Aluminum—equal in performance with signicantlyless weight. When a fraction of a second can make the difference between winning and losing, the Equi-Librium Aluminum provides a distinct advantage. Equi-Librium Aluminum shoes are 65% lighter than steel shoes, but their design makes them hold up as well as steel.

A Revolution in Horseshoe Design

Unlike most aluminum shoes, the Equi-Librium Aluminum does not employ a steel insert. Extensive testing shows that Equi-Librium shoes without steel inserts have significantly better wear patterns, preserving the design advantages for the entire life of the shoe.

With the same superb features as steel but at a much lower weight, the Equi-Librium Aluminum is ideal. It is rounded in the toe in 2 directions:sideways and in the direction of the toe, to ease the process of hoof-unrollmentin all directions.

The branches are concaved to make it lighter in weight and to assure that sand and dirt can easily fall out of the shoe. The end of the branches are kept full, to provide optimal supportwhile landing and to maintain enough surface for stud holes. There is ´sole relief´on the hoof surface of the shoe in order to prevent sole bruises in the toe.


Less risk of injury

The Equi-Librium horseshoe represents a new approach that is proven to reduce load and the risk of injury in horses. The design is informed by rigorous scientific research undertaken at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, as well as the input and field testing of some of the world’s most experienced farriers. These investigations demonstrate that the unique anatomy and habits of a horse in motion can be enhanced by an intelligent shoe—one that works with the horse. The Equi-Librium is that shoe: it is uniquely suited to enhance the anatomy and natural motion of a horse -especially during peak performance.