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Limited Edition Heller Stainless Steel Rasp launched in Australia


Limited Edition Heller Stainless Steel Rasp launched in Australia

Introducing, for a short time only, the Limited Edition Heller Stainless Steel Rasp.

Encased within a leather sleeve, the new Heller Stainless Steel rasp has been designed to give you maximum flexibility and durability. It is specifically conceived for a variety of medical applications, such as horse surgery and other hoof illnesses treatments.

FLEXIBILITY: the Stainless Steel Heller rasp can be used either as a removal tool or a finish tool, especially where a smooth finish is required.

DURABILITY: the exclusive Heller sharpening technology has created a top-quality two sided rasp, featuring smooth and rough teeth sides. Through intensive testing, we have achieved the best balance between high material removal capability and durability, to give you a long lasting, highly performing tool.
STAINLESS: the stainless treatment allows users to sterilize the tool before every use, making the Heller Stainless Steel rasp an effective yet healthy instrument for your everyday challenges.

The Heller Limited Edition Stainless Steel Rasp is available as either the finely toothed RED TANG or for those farriers who prefer a larger toothed angle, the LEGEND.

Length: 360 mm
Width: 43 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Number of teeth per row: 6